Anonymous asked:

do you think you find better clothing online or in store with brands like h & m ect. ? x

Personally I’ve never shopped online with H&M and I definitely wouldn’t start anytime soon, I’ve heard really awful feedback about their customer service and delivery. My H&M in Newcastle is much better than the H&M in Nottingham so I usually just wait till I go home. 


Sanna Helena Berger


Hedvig Palm photographed by Frode & Marcus for Under the Influence S/S 2014
Anonymous asked:

how did you know blonde hair would suit you? I really want to dye my hair!

I’m quite fair naturally, I had blonde hair when I was a child and I have blue eyes. I dyed my hair dark sometime after secondary school and it really washed me out. I really didn’t think about whether it would suit me at the time but if you’re thinking about going lighter I’d probably recommend trying out a shade lighter or highlights and thinking about what undertone you want to go for, ash or honey etc. I loved having white hair but technically I don’t think I really suited the platinum shades and find my toned down hair colour suits my skin tone better. 

Anonymous asked:

hey charlotte, i'm a young teenager looking to change their style on a low budget, do you have any tips for me? i love your simple looks and hopefully want to be able to create something similar?

Hi, I’m glad you enjoy reading. I really wouldn’t change your style. I get admiring others style (especially blog) but I wouldn’t bother adapting your own to convey anything other than yourself. I love following a range of blogs (even those that wear colour) and my favourite thing about them is how they express their own personal style. I don’t read blogs that seem a little try hard or are all decked out in Topshop New In. I shop wherever, Primark, H&M, Monki probably most frequently.